Glass bottles and jars can be recycled in your recycling bin at home. Please ensure that all glass bottles and jars are placed in your recycling clean and free from any food/liquid leftovers.

Yes Please

  • Coffee jars
  • Wine bottles
  • Beer bottles
  • Jam jars
  • Sauce bottles

No Thank you

  • Mirror or window glass
  • Pyrex
  • Drinking glasses
  • Milk bottles
  • Ceramics
  • Crockery
  • Glass vases
  • Paperweights
  • Spectacles

An average family in the UK uses about 300 glass bottles and jars every year. Once sent to landfill glass will never break down, it's really easy to recycle so lets keep it out of landfill! Glass can be recycled over and over without any loss in quality.

Recycling glass saves the energy used in quarrying the raw materials as well as the material itself. Recycling 2 bottles saves enough energy to boil water for 5 cups of tea.

Glass Information Fact Sheet

Glass recycling FAQs: