British Heart Foundation Clothes+ Collections

Mid Sussex District Council are working with the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to trial a charity doorstep collection service 'Clothes+' across some areas of Mid Sussex, from October 2017 for 8 months.

The trial will include 3 collections in each trial area.

The collection will include:

  • Clothes

  • Shoes

  • Books

  • CDs

  • DVDs

  • Batteries (in a small bag)

  • Small electrical items in working order (nothing bigger than a microwave)

All material collected will be donated to the BHF to fund lifesaving research.

If your area is included in the trial you will receive a leaflet through your door. When a collection is due a tag will be left on your waste bin the week before. 

Save it / Bag it/ Give it

Small working electrical items such as:

  • Portable radio

  • Docking stations

  • Kettles

  • Toasters

  • Hair dryers

  • Irons

  • Table lamps

  • Microwave

Nothing bigger than a microwave please. Batteries contained in a bag.

Please make sure your items are clean and in good saleable condition. They need to be in full working order and must be put into a plastic bag to keep them dry. Please don't include broken items or furniture.

On the day of your collection

Place your bagged items on the edge of your property, beside your bin.
Please do not put your bags inside your bin.
Mark the bag with the bin hanger you have been provided.
Make sure your bags are out by 7 am

Any queries about the collection call BHF on 01342 477349 or email BHF on 

British Heart Foundation

If you have large items or clothing to donate outside of this scheme, book a FREE & FAST collection. Call 0808 250 0030 or book online at