Street Cleaning and Litter

Street Cleaning

Mid Sussex District Council are responsible for keeping public highways, verges and council owned land clean in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  Main town centres are cleaned daily.

A flexible cleaning schedule allows street cleaning teams to focus on areas where they are most needed. If we are aware of a dirty street we can send a team out to clean it. We can't monitor every street every day. If you find a street which needs cleaning you can report it online using our Street Sweeping Request form

Street Litter Bins

In addition to keeping the streets clean, litter bins throughout the District are also emptied regularly.  Mid Sussex District Council do not generally supply the bins, they are usually installed by the Town and Parish Councils.


Litter can refer to anything from a small crisp packet or sweet wrapper to large bags of rubbish. Often people don’t consider small items such as gum or cigarette butts to be litter but these are some of the most common items on our streets.

Only 25% of people admit to dropping litter but it's a huge problem. Litter is unsightly and can cause environmental problems. It’s your Council Tax that pays to clean it up!

Under the Offence of Leaving Litter (section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990), littering is a criminal offence.  This means that anyone caught dropping litter can be fined.

Litter doesn't just disappear.  If litter is not picked up, items will take many years to decompose. For example:

  • Banana skins / fruit peelings - 2 years
  • Cigarette ends - 2 years
  • Drinks cans - 80 - 100 years
  • Plastic carrier bags - 10 years
  • Plastic bottles - indefinite

RSPCA inspectors regularly rescue pets and wild animals trapped or hurt by litter. 

Mid Sussex District Council has a responsibility to clean up litter from public places.  Please don't litter. When you're out, make sure you use a litter bin and if there aren't any litter bins, take your litter home with you and dispose of it properly.

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