Bulky Waste Collection - How it Works

If you have furniture or an appliance for disposal which you think could be re-used please see our Furniture and Household Appliance Recycling section to find out how you can organise this.

If you live in Mid Sussex we can arrange collection of large or bulky waste from your home. This includes items like furniture, DIY waste, white goods (including fridges, freezers and microwaves) and carpet.

All items for collection need to be placed outside your house as near to vehicle collection point as possible. We cannot collect waste from back gardens etc (unless there is suitable vehicle access).

To apply for a bulky waste collection you can now do the whole process online using the links below. Please note that general bulky waste items and electrical items are done on separate forms. This service is for domestic waste only, we are unable to take away trade waste.

For bulky waste collections before Christmas please get your applications in by the end of Wednesday 13th December. Collections start again w/b 8th January 2018.

Online Bulky Waste Collection Request Form (non-electrical items)

Online Electrical Items Collection Request Form

If you do not wish to apply and pay online please print and complete the Bulky Waste Application Form Feb 2012 and return, with payment, to Cleansing Services at the address shown on the form. Please contact us if you would like us to send you a copy of the Bulky Waste Application Form.

Bulky Waste Collection Charges

Large Bulky Item £20 per item

For example: Bed, double mattress, sofa, armchair, dining table, wardrobe, chest of drawers

Small Bulky Item £10 per item

For example: Bin bag of rubbish, single mattress, kitchen chair, bedside table, bicycle, coffee table, small drawer set

Large Electrical Item £25 per item

For example: Fridge, freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, cooker, standard / large television

Small Electrical Item £13 per item

For example: Microwave, PC monitor, toaster, lamp, portable television, laptop, iron, electric fan

25 Minutes Loading Time £50 per 25 minutes

Items that do not fit into any of the above categories or large or small bulky items (or a combination of both) that can be loaded in 25 minutes and if charged individually would cost more than £50. This service is not available for electrical items.

Examples of items that do not fit into Large or Small Item Categories - dismantled garden shed, fence panels, carpet pieces. Please contact us if you are uncertain.

Council Tax / Housing Benefits Concessions - The Council offers a 50% concession for customers receiving Council Tax and / or Housing Benefit. Please note this does not apply if a customer receives Single Person Discount on Council Tax due to living alone.

Bulky Waste Payment Options

Customers may choose the most cost effective method of collection payment.

For example:

2 x beds / 2 x kitchen chairs / 1 small table. Charged per item = 2 x £20 and 3 x £10 would be £70. Loading would take less than 25 minutes so the cheaper option is 25 Minutes Loading Time for £50.

All items for collection must be listed on the form.

Is my waste a large or small item?

As a general rule if it takes more than one person to move it will be classed as a Large Item. This rule will be needed for items such as - bookcase / sideboard / desk / radiator / rolls of carpet that can come in either size.

Please look at our Bulky Waste Size Guidelines document for further guidance. This is not a definitive document, if you are unsure please contact us.

Bulky Waste Exceptions

Electrical Items

The Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive requires all electrical equipment no matter what size, to be collected, treated, and disposed of separately. We therefore have to charge a separate fee for the collection of all electrical items.

Hard core, concrete and rubble

We are unable to take hard core, concrete , rubble etc. on a bulky waste collection. 


Plasterboard cannot be accepted for disposal through a bulky waste collection. Residents can take it to the following Household Waste Recycling Sites which have dedicated containers:

  • Burgess Hill
  • Westhampnett
  • Crawley

Garden Waste

Garden waste must be bagged for bulky waste collection.


We may be able to take upright pianos if they have wheels, but sadly we can mostly only accept pianos if they are broken up. They will then be collected under 25 minutes loading time. Please contact us if you are unsure. Please try to find an alternative home for your piano before consigning it to landfill.

Please contact us to discuss the waste you have if you are uncertain of which service to use. If necessary a visit may be arranged before collection to determine if collection can be made and what the charge will be.

Storage heaters

We are not able to take storage heaters on a bulky waste collection. These have to be treated as hazardous waste due to the possible presence of asbestos type material in the heaters. If you have a requirement to dispose of a storage heater, you can take it to household waste and recycling site but you will need to ensure it is bagged in 1000 gauge polythene and taped tightly shut - you will need to alert a member of staff when you get there. If you are unable to do this please contact us.


Unwanted furniture / appliances that could be re-used? Have a look at our Household Furniture and Appliance Recycling Page

FurniHelp - charity who collect and distribute second hand furniture across Mid Sussex.

British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical Item Collection BHF will collect items suitable for reuse free of charge, contact them for details.



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