Road Closures

Temporary road closures

The Council has the powers to issue Temporary Road Closure Orders under the provision of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847. This Road Traffic Regulation Act specifically deals with public celebrations such as street parties, carnivals, parades and similar events.

Closures and diversions of the highway in relation to maintenance works are looked after by West Sussex County Council. For information about closures and diversions visit the West Sussex County Council website.

Who can apply to close the road

Anyone can apply for a road closure for a special or community event. Applications should be made at least 6 weeks in advance to enable full consultation with our partners.

Requests must be submitted by application form and should be accompanied by a map of the proposed closure and diversion routes where applicable. For large closures involving different roads a traffic management plan may be required. You can now apply online via our secure application form.

Public liability insurance of £10 million is required for all types of temporary road closures (except simple street parties) in order to indemnify us against any claim. A copy of your insurance must accompany the application form.

The Order will be subject to:

  • Reasonable pedestrian access being available at all times.
  • Vehicle access for emergencies being available at all times.
  • Road closure and diversion signs being put up need approval of the Highway Authority. These must be removed at the end of the closure .
  • The organiser is responsible for stewarding the event .
  • The organiser is responsible for clearing the highway straight away after the event has finished. Also for any damage to the highway, including street furniture during the entire period of preparation, event and clearing up be reported.
  • Street fire hydrants must not be obstructed.
  • No help can be given by the Police in removal of vehicles from the closed length of road during the preparation of the event
  • No claims will be entertained by the County Council (as highway authority), the District Council, the Town or Parish Council or any statutory undertaker in respect of any accident, damage or injury sustained as a result of the event. The onus is on the organiser to obtain the necessary insurance cover
  • The organiser is responsible for informing all those houses/businesses affected by the Closure Order. Especially those directly fronting on to the closed road/s, in writing at least 14 days prior to the event.

To apply for a temporary road closure please use our secure Online Application for Temporary Road Closure form.

Other useful information can be found at the Department of Communities & Local Government advice for organising street parties

Demonstrations and Parades

Sometimes, in special circumstances roads are closed to allow sporting events or parades to take place. When special events require the road to be closed off to general traffic a temporary road closure will be required. This type of closure can only be granted with the written agreement of the Sussex Police. Such closures require a traffic regulation order. All costs involved for both the closure and diversion signing will have to be paid for by the event organiser. At least six weeks notice is required and for some events up to three months will be needed in order to organise them properly. Large events may require even longer! Usually, roads which are closed for sporting events can only be closed once a year without the consent of The Secretary of State. Demonstrations cannot be dealt with by the Council, for these events the police must be contacted so that they can make the appropriate arrangements.

Useful contacts

WSCC Highways Department
Tel: 01243 642105

Sussex Police Road Policing Unit
Tel: 101