Parking for Disabled Drivers

Drivers who hold a valid Disabled Badge are able to park in the following areas in Mid Sussex:

Car Parks

Free of charge.  The vehicle must be parked wholly in a clearly marked bay.  If no disabled bays are available, the vehicle may use a regular pay and display bay without charge.

In the village car parks, vehicles displaying blue badges (even if they are in a disabled bay) cannot stay longer than the maximum waiting time.

On the Road

On yellow lines for three hours with the parking clock clearly displayed and set to the time of arrival

In a limited waiting bay for an unlimited period of time (the clock is not required)

They may not park:

  • In a bay reserved for certain classes of vehicles, e.g., Bus Stops, Taxi Ranks, Goods Vehicle Loading Bays
  • In an area restricted by zigzags
  • Where a loading ban is in force (there will be chevrons marked on the kerb)
Controlled Parking Zone

If a blue badge holder parks in a bay marked for Residents they may stay for a maximum of three hours with the badge and clock displayed.

If you are a blue badge holder and you live in the Controlled Parking Zone, you can apply for a free Residents Permit.

Apply for a Blue Badge in West Sussex

You should apply to West Sussex County Council. 

Apply for a Blue Badge

(This will redirect you to the West Sussex County Council website)

The Blue Badge department can be contacted on 01243 777653 or