There are three stages of the appeals process, as shown below:

1.Challenge (made before further Notices are sent out)

Please note you should not send payment with a challenge as we take payment as full and final settlement. If you pay and then challenge, there is no legal requirement for us to consider it.

If you challenge within the first 14 days we will always reoffer the discount for a further 14 days. If it is outside of this period, there is no requirement for us to do this. We only reoffer the discount once.


If you have not paid the PCN 28 days after you received it, we will send you a Notice to Owner.  If you still believe you should not pay, you should either:

We will always write back with a decision.

3. Appeal to an Independent Adjudicator

If a Representation is rejected, we will give our reasons why we have not cancelled and supply a form for appealing our decision to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.  The Tribunal's decision is final.

Mid Sussex District Council is a member of the Parking and Traffic Regulations outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee. The Joint Committee publishes an Annual Statement of Accounts which is subject to External Audit and are available on the PATROL UK website.