Restrictions and controls can be placed on the road for a number of reasons, including:

  • making sure the right user can park in the right place
  • deterring vehicles from parking in places where the road can become blocked or the view obstructed, which can then pose a danger
  • putting time limits on some parking areas so that more vehicles have a chance to use the space

The Highways staff at West Sussex County Council are responsible for putting these restrictions on to the road. 

Mid Sussex District Council is the authority responsible for enforcing all of the current restrictions, and will issue Penalty Charge Notices to those vehicles found breaching them.  We also look at all appeals which are made against Penalty Charge Notices, and make sure that those who do not pay are chased up.

We aim to be open and honest about our parking enforcement, and have published our Enforcement Policy (which shows the procedures for Enforcement Officers) and our Penalty Charge Notice Processing Policy (which shows the procedures for dealing with appeals).

The Council's Civil Enforcement Officers all wear Body Worn Video Camera's, which used as a means to reduce the number of complaints and ensure the Officers are:

  • Carrying out their work correctly
  • Assisted with their health and safety

The Council's Body Worn Video Camera Policy can be viewed on this page.

If there are any queries that have not been answered on this website, please contact Parking Services and we will try to help you.