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This page details the different accessibility features of our website. We understand that Council services and information must be offered on equal terms to all our community and have designed the site accordingly. We are committed to providing our online services to all sections of the community in adherence with Government guidelines.


The website has been designed using a colour scheme which provides enough contrast between content and background to be comfortable for most users.

If you are still having problems viewing the site, you can often use built-in functions on your browser to provide high-contrast websites.


Browsealoud is free-to-download software that allows websites to be speech-enabled. See our Browsealoud page for more details.

Font Size

If you have difficulty reading the text on our web pages you can adjust your browser settings in order to make this easier for you. Some of the information here is taken from the Web Accessibility Initiative's website.

The website is responsive, so zooming in will make the text bigger and move other content out of the way.

Browser options for changing font size

Most Web browsers let you increase or decrease the text in a Web page. For example, to make text size larger:

Instructions for accessing browser font size options
Google Chrome Menu button > Settings > Show Advanced Settings... > Web Content section
Internet Explorer View > Text Size
Mozilla Firefox Menu button or Tools > Options > Content tab > Fonts & Colours section

Mobile browser options for changing font size

Instructions for accessing mobile browser font size options
Google Chrome - Android Menu button > Settings > Accessibility
Mozilla Firefox - Android Menu button > Display
Blackberry browser Blackberry button > Options > Web Content