Planning - What We Do

The planning service is responsible for the processing and consideration of planning applications. This role also extends to other related matters such as listed buildings, protected trees, and advertisement consents. We also have a team of planning enforcement officers who’s role it is to enforce planning law, and investigate breaches.

Planning Advice Service

If you are looking at submitting a planning application, but wish to obtain some general advice (including what is likely to be approved)

How to make a planning application

If you want to know what you need to submit as part of a planning application and wish to know the required fee.

Viewing and commenting on current planning applications

If you are looking to view a planning application or submit your comments on an existing planning application.

Planning process

If you are looking to find out more on how a planning application or planning appeal is processed.

Protected trees

If you are looking for information on Tree preservation orders, hedgerow removals, or high hedges.

Planning Enforcement

If you are concerned that someone is in breach of planning law and wish to submit a complaint.