Apply for Planning Permission

Find out how you can apply for planning permission online.

Once you have determined you require planning permission, you can apply in the following ways:

Please check our local validation list before submitting your application.  The document sets out what information and supporting documents must be submitted with an application before the local planning authority can start formally considering the application.

Apply Online

The best way to apply is to submit your planning application via the Planning Portal where you can complete the relevant form, attach plans, supplementary documents, photographs and submit your payment.

Apply for Planning Permission

Applications by post / paper

If you cannot submit online, you can download and print paper forms for submission from the same link

Download Paper Form

Please ensure that you provide the appropriate plans and supporting information with your application form by viewing the checklists below.

The checklists tell you what to include with your application, depending on the type of proposal.

Planning Fees

When submitting your planning application, please ensure that you pay the correct planning fees.

Alternatively, you can use the planning fees calculator.

How do we process your planning application