Neighbourhood Plan Area Designations

Many of the Town and Parish Councils in Mid Sussex are developing Neighbourhood Plans. This is a new power under the Localism Act 2011 which enables Town and Parish Councils to plan how their communities will change and develop in the future. The procedures for producing a Neighbourhood Plan are set out in the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, which came into force on 6th April 2012.

The first step is to submit to the local planning authority an application for the designation of the area to be covered by each Neighbourhood Plan. A Town or Parish Council may choose to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that covers all or part of their parish. They must submit to the local planning authority the following:

(a) A map which identifies the area to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan; and 

(b) A statement explaining why the area concerned is appropriate; and

(c) A statement confirming that they are a "relevant body" under the legislation.

In most cases, the local planning authority in Mid Sussex is the District Council. However, for those parts of Mid Sussex which lie within the South Downs National Park, applications for the designation of Neighbourhood Plan Areas must be made to the National Park Authority.

Once an application is received from a Town or Parish Council, it will be publicised in the following ways:

  • An advertisement will be placed in the local paper (either the Mid Sussex Times or the East Grinstead Courier & Observer) and on the Council’s website;
  • The advertisement will also be provided to the Town or Parish Council concerned so that it can be displayed on their notice boards;
  • All the details and documentation will be placed on this website (links below);
  • A translation service is available to those for whom English is a second language.

Comments must be submitted in writing and cannot be accepted as anonymous. All information received is public information (subject to the Data Protection Act). Comments can be submitted via email or by post.

All comments will be treated equally, although it will be up to the District Council to balance any conflicting opinions when considering the Plan Area application. A consultation report summarising the issues raised by consultation will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet or Cabinet Member when deciding the Plan Area application. The decision on the Plan Area will be made either at a Cabinet meeting or via Cabinet Member decision. A record of this decision will then sent to the relevant Town or Parish Council and placed on this website. If the decision is to refuse to designate the Plan Area, then the District Council will also publish its reasons for making that decision.


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Haywards Heath

Horsted Keynes

Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common

Lindfield and Lindfield Rural


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West Hoathly


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