How the Local Plan was Prepared

A wide range of individuals, consultees and community groups were involved in the preparation of the Mid Sussex Local Plan. The production of the Plan involved a number of stages, summarised below.

A 'Consultation Draft' was published in 1996 and 1997, which included general policies for the whole of the District. A district wide housing consultation exercise was held in February and March 2000, which helped to determine the Plan's housing allocations.

The 'Deposit Draft' was published and placed on 'deposit' in November 2000. Following consideration of objections received, in August 2001, the Council published and placed on 'deposit' the 'Revised Deposit Draft'. In December 2001 the Council published a number of proposed Pre-Inquiry Changes to the Revised Deposit Draft.

The Public Inquiry into the Revised Deposit Draft was held April-August 2002. In September and October 2002 the Inspector also dealt with a 'call-in' inquiry in respect of a planning application for 200 homes and a section of the Haywards Heath relief road on the south east side of Haywards Heath. The Local Plan Inquiry formally closed October 22nd 2002.

Following consideration of the 'call-in' application, the Inspector submitted his recommendations to the Secretary of State - Inspector's Report (July 2003). He took the view that the proposals complied with the development plan and with national policies concerning housing development.

The Council published a 'Schedule of Proposed Modifications' to the Local Plan in December 2003. In addition to Proposed Modifications made in response to the Inspector's recommendations further amendments were made to update the Plan to reflect updated Government guidance and to correct drafting errors. Related documents entitled: 'Schedule of Inspector's Recommendations and Council's Responses' (December 2003) and 'Schedule of Inspector's Recommendations Not Accepted by the Council' (December 2003) are available to view.

The Proposed Modifications were formally placed 'on deposit' in December 2003. This statutory 'deposit period' provided an opportunity for all members of the public to have their say on the Proposed Modifications to the Council's planning policies although only in respect of Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan, or to the fact that the Council had not accepted an Inspector's Recommendation.

The Council received both support and objections to the Proposed Modifications to the Mid Sussex Local Plan Revised Deposit Draft. A summary table of all representations and the Council's responses to these representations can be viewed at the Council offices. 

The Council adopted the Mid Sussex Local Plan on May 27th 2004.

Hard copies of all the documents listed above can be viewed at, or purchased from, the Council Offices. Copies of the Local Plan can be viewed at any of the District's libraries and Help Points.