A selection of maps relating to the District, including those from the Adopted Local Plan (May 2004) are available for viewing and purchase from the Planning Reception.

Proposals Maps, which show designations and allocations from the Mid Sussex Local Plan and the Local Development Framework can be viewed on the Proposals Maps page.

Other useful maps are: 

Plotting sheets detailing historic planning applications, can be viewed at the Planning Reception.

Site maps/plans

Site plans for submission with planning permission applications through Planning and Building Control, are available for purchase at the Planning Reception at Oaklands Road, Haywards Heath. Alternatively they are available directly from our supplier ProMap or via the Planning Portal map service. You may also purchase suitable maps from any Ordnance Survey licensed reseller:

  • Up to 4 copies = £25
  • 6 copies = £26
  • 8 copies = £27


Contact Planning Policy for any further advice.

Telephone: 01444 477053