Public Examination - Small Scale Housing Allocation Document - March and May-June 2007

The Public Examination was held March 2007 (first session) and May-June 2007 (second session).

The Inspector published a binding report following the Public Examination (November 2007). 

Agendas, statements, notes and other relevant documents are available to download below



First Session - March 2007

6th March 2007

7th March 2007

8th March 2007

13th March 2007

15th March 2007

Second Session - May-June 2007


Housing Land Supply - Round Table Session - (held 6th March 2007)

Prior to the Housing Round Table Session, amended and additional appendices were put together for the Inspector and participants.

Employment Land Supply - Round Table Session - (held 7th March 2007)

Haywards Heath Health Check Session - (held 7th March 2007)

Proposed Small Scale Housing Site Allocations

Statements for sites at: 

Alternative Sites

Statements for sites at:


Related Documents  

Guidance Leaflet to Examination Process

Pre-examination Meeting

12th December 2006

The purpose of the pre-examination meeting was to clarify administrative arrangements and procedures.  Notes from the meeting are available to download below.