Burgess Hill Employment Sites Study

Burgess Hill Town Council produced a Town Wide Strategy in 2011 addressing infrastructure needs and future development. Part of the strategy, alongside delivery of new housing, includes an employment park to the west of Burgess Hill to make the area more self-sufficient. Mid Sussex District Council commissioned the Burgess Hill Employment Site Study to assess the deliverability, size and type of the proposed employment allocation to accord with the vision, strategic objectives and economic aims of the emerging District Plan.

The District Council subsequently commissioned an update to the study in late 2014 to consider changes in economic conditions since the withdrawal of the District Plan. Key issues to be assessed included demand for employment floorspace in Burgess Hill and the surrounding district, the unmet needs of other local planning authorities, the implications of the Coast to Capital Strategic Economic Plan and the Greater Brighton City Deal, the proposed second runway at Gatwick and the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework and the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG).

The findings of the study support the proposed allocation of 30 hectares of employment land in the emerging District Plan. The updated study also recommends further work to investigate further the proposed Science and Technology Park at Burgess Hill.

Burgess Hill Employment Sites Study Update

The original study can be accessed here: Burgess Hill Employment Site Study