Draft Policies Maps

Draft Policies Maps have been prepared to show the policies within the Submission District Plan and the adopted Small Scale Housing Allocations Document.

The draft maps include:           

  • The strategic allocations to the north and northwest of Burgess Hill and to the east of Kings Way, Burgess Hill.
  • Ashdown Forest Special Area of Conservation and Special Protection Area, and the 7km zone of influence.
  • All Local Plan policy numbers have been removed except those that will be saved as set out in Appendix C of the proposed submission District Plan.
  • Where previously allocated sites have been built and completed, these have now been removed
  • Shows the boundary of the South Downs National Park.

Until the District Plan is adopted these maps are to be used for reference purposes only. The adopted proposals maps for the District can be found on the Adopted Proposals Map page.


Please let the Planning Policy and Economic Development team know if there are any errors on the maps so that they can be corrected as soon as possible. The Planning Policy and Economic Development team can be contacted at planningpolicy@midsussex.gov.uk or 01444 477053.