The Old Convent and Land Adjoining Moatfield Surgery, East Grinstead - Development Brief

This development brief has been prepared for land south of The Old Convent, Moat Road and land adjoining Moatfield Surgery, St Michael's Road, East Grinstead. The two sites were allocated for development in the Mid Sussex Small Scale Housing Allocations Development Plan Document.

The development brief is a material consideration when determining applications for planning permission for these sites. It provides guidance to ensure that high quality, sustainable residential development occurs at these sites that respects the setting of The Old Convent and the character of the area in general.

Land south of The Old Convent, Moat Road and Land adjoining Moatfield Surgery, St Michael's Road, East Grinstead Development Brief - Supplementary Planning Document

The adoption of the development brief followed a period of consultation with residents and organisations. The Consultation Statement explains who was consulted, the issues raised and how these were addressed in the document.

Survey of Avenue of Horse Chestnut Trees

The Horse Chestnut trees along the avenue are in a poor condition and will need replacing. The long term future of the avenue has, therefore, needed serious consideration as part of the design and landscaping proposals of the development brief. The prospective developer of the site has commissioned an arboricultural consultant to carry out an assessment of the trees alongside developing options for securing the long term survival of this important landscape feature.

St Margaret's Convent - Arboricultural Assessment