Hassocks Station Goods Yard - Development Brief

Development Brief - Hassocks Station Goods Yard, Keymer Road, Hassocks

Mid Sussex District Council has prepared a Development Brief for Hassocks Station Goods Yard, Keymer Road, Hassocks. The site is identified in the adopted Mid Sussex Small Scale Housing Allocations Development Plan Document as Site SSH/6.

The Development Brief is intended to provide guidance, which will help to ensure that high quality, sustainable residential development occurs at this site. The Development Brief will be published as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and will become a material consideration that can be taken into account when determining an application for planning permission.

The adoption of the development brief followed a period of consultation with residents and organisations. A report explaining who was consulted, the issues raised and how these were addressed in the document is set out in the Consultation Statement which accompanies the development brief. The development brief and accompanying Adoption Statement can be viewed below: