Personal Searches

This page is for Personal Search Companies requiring search information.

Personal Searches of the Local Land Charges Register

From 2nd August 2010 Mid Sussex District Council, in accordance with Statutory Instrument No 1812, will not be charging for inspections of the Local Land Charges Register.

Information Commissioner's Guidance on property search information and the Environmental Information Regulations

Following guidance issued by the Information Commissioner's Office, and in order to avoid delay and confusion to those companies who require Con29 information, Mid Sussex District Council's procedure is as follows:

The Local Land Charges 'one stop shop' will continue to operate for Con29 requests based on established cost recovery charges.

For a full list of our current fees see - Local Land Charges Search Fees

All requests will be processed within the same time period as official search requests.

For more information, download the document below:

Access to Con29 Information (updated Dec 2017)

The Local Land Charges section will not deal with Con29 information requests made under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR). All of these requests should be directed to the Council's Freedom of Information (FOI) officer, further details can be found on our web site - Environmental Information Regulations or email, Tel: 01444 477422.

Official Con29/ Con29O requests received from Personal Search Companies (PSCs) accompanied by payment of the correct fee are processed on the understanding that the PSCs have accepted the Council’s charges and have chosen the official search route in preference to the available alternative of submitting Con29/ Con29O requests through the FOI channel.  Under these circumstances the Council is of the view that any future claims for the repayment of fees for this service do not have legitimate grounds.

Please remember that information supplied under an EIR request is not to be re-used for commercial purposes without a re-use of information licence for which there is a charge. Further details about such licences can be seen on the Freedom of Information section of our website.

Below are some of the questions most often asked by Personal Search Agents. Click on any of them for more information:

  • How can I obtain unrefined Con29 information?


    From 1 January 2017, VAT will be charged on Con29 information at 20%.

    For a full list of our current fees see - Local Land Charges Search Fees

    To request Planning, Environmental Health and Building Control Con29 information from 1 April 2017 onwards, use our online forms - - to request either individual questions or batched information (e.g. all Planning / all Building Control / all Environmental Health questions).

    Alternatively, use our paper Request Form - Access to Con29 Information (updated Dec 2017)

    A reminder of the additional details we need for each request is included at the foot of the form. We require:

    • The address of the property to be searched.
    • Indication on our form of the batches or individual enquiries required.
    • Ordnance Survey Plan outlining the property at 1:1250 or 1:2500 scale (1 copy).
    • A cheque for the required amount, made payable to Mid Sussex District Council.

    These requests will be answered in the same time period as Official Searches.

    Please note we cannot begin processing these requests without payment, so send your requests and cheque to us at the same time. We do not have the resources to hold on to requests sent via email whilst we await payment. If requests are sent in part only, they will be returned to you.

    Responses will be returned by email in the same time-frame as Official Searches.

    For all Highways Information, please contact West Sussex County Council directly. 

  • What are your current fees?

    From 1 April 2017, our new fees are - Local Land Charges Search Fees from 1 April 2017

    From 1 January 2017, VAT will be charged on Con29 information at 20%.

    From 2nd August 2010 Mid Sussex District Council, in accordance with Statutory Instrument No 1812, will not be charging for inspections of the Local Land Charges Register. 

  • How do I book an appointment to view the Local Land Charges Register on a property?

    Make an appointment by telephone with the Local Land Charges section - (01444) 477444.

    This must be completed a full working day prior to the requested appointment time. So for example, to book a search for a Wednesday, you must contact us before close of business on Monday.

    Each appointment period is for 30 minutes. No restriction is placed on the number of searches undertaken in that period. However, overbooking and not being able to complete your searches with this period is at your own risk. The duration of appointment periods will be strictly administered.

    The appointment time you book is to inspect the Local Land Charges Registers. Inspection of the Planning history relating to your search can be carried out either before or after this appointment time.

    From experience we suggest that this takes place prior to the inspection of the Local Land Charges register as it may not be possible to gain access to the registers again should queries arise after the planning register has been inspected.

    A guide to accessing and using the Local Land Charges Registers is available to download below:

    How To Use The Local Land Charges Registers

    We respectfully remind personal searchers that it is their responsibility to interpret the Local Land Charges registrations and enquiries in this respect should not be addressed to staff in the Local Land Charges section.

    Our guidelines for visiting the Local Land Charges office are available below:

    Local Land Charges Visitor Guidelines

  • What do I need to provide in advance?

    The full address of the property/ properties, via telephone when you book the appointment.

  • How can I get more information on any of the above?

    For further information on any of the above, please contact us:

    Local Land Charges by telephone: (01444) 477444 or by email:

    If you have any comments or complaints, please contact Tom Clark, Solicitor to the Council, Mid Sussex District Council.

  • How can I obtain Highways and Drainage information?

    The same Highways information is available to Personal Search companies as to Local Authorities, at the same cost and response time. Contact Highways at West Sussex County Council with your requests.

    For drainage enquiries, contact contact Southern Water.

  • How much of your system is computerised?

    None. We currently operate a manual, paper based Local Land Charges system.

  • Will training in how to use the Local Land Charges system be provided?

    Full instructions in how to use the Local Land Charges Registers are in the document below:

    How To Use The Local Land Charges Registers

    For any company visiting us for the first time, we can provide assistance in addition to these written instructions.

    For companies who have already visited previously, but are sending a new personal search agent to MSDC for the first time, it is your responsibility to provide a copy of the written instructions and, if necessary, training from one of your more experienced agents.

    We do not have the resources available to train your new search agents.