Private Hire Vehicles

Mid Sussex District Council has no limit on the number of Private Hire Vehicles that it licences and currently licence about 257 vehicles that work for about 60 licensed Private Hire Operators who take their bookings.

The council licence a wide variety of vehicles as Private Hire Vehicles this includes saloon cars, estate cars, MPV's, mini buses and other vehicles which have been converted for the carriage of passengers. 

Mid Sussex District Council now has an age and livery requirement for the vehicles it licenses, this will come in to effect on 01st October 2017 and 01st October 2022 respectively. Please see policy document under the download and links section for more details. 

Proprietors of licensed Private Hire vehicles may display a roof sign on the vehicle. This sign may show the company details and must include the words ‘Advance Booking Only' the words ‘Taxi and Hire‘ must not be displayed on the sign. The sign may be capable of being illuminated but can only be illuminated once a vehicle has arrived at a pre arranged pick up point.

Vehicle Requirements

Because the vehicles are used for the carriage of paying customers the council must be satisfied that they are mechanically sound, regularly maintained, clean and safe and accessible to the public.

Mid Sussex District Council does not have an age requirement for the vehicles that it licences and does not have a livery policy.

All new vehicles and vehicles with less than 10000 miles on the odometer before being licensed are checked by the Licensing Officer to ensure that they comply with the various Regulations, Bye Laws and local Conditions laid down for their use.  All other vehicles must undergo and pass a Council Fitness Test, which must be conducted at one of the two council authorised testing stations.

  • Mr MOT, Tecknol House, Victoria Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9LG, Tel 01444 254000.
  • Supreme Clutch Services, The Forge, London Road, Felbridge, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 2RQ, Tel 01342 313136.
  • Parkers Garage, 12 Bridge Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 1UA, Tel 01444 474611

This test consists of an MOT test and various other items which take into account the visible appearance of the inside and outside of the vehicle, also items such as :-
The carriage of a spare wheel
Presence of a Fire Extinguisher and First Aid kit.
The correct operation of Taxi Meters and Signs.
(See the Testing Schedule for full details of items tested)

All vehicles with more than 10000 miles on the odometer and are up to three years of age from the date of first registration will be subject to an annual fitness test.

All vehicles aged from three years will be subject to two fitness tests a year (at 6 monthly intervals)

Once a vehicle has been passed as fit for use as a Private Hire Vehicle the proprietor must produce the following documentation to the Licensing Officer  before the vehicle can be licensed.

  • A completed Private Hire Vehicle Licence application form
  • V5 vehicle registration document (showing correct proprietor details)
  • A current Insurance Certificate (showing that the vehicle is insured for the appropriate use)
  • A current MOT certificate (required for all vehicles aged 1 year and over)
  • A current Council Fitness Certificate ( or all vehicles with more than 6000 miles on the milometer)
  • The appropriate licence fee

Once a vehicle has been licensed as a Private Hire Vehicle the proprietor will be issued with a paper licence plus two plates for the vehicle. These plates are colour coded with yellow coloured plates issued to Private Hire Vehicles. These plates display details of the Licensing Authority, the Licence number, the vehicle details and the validity dates of the licence. The small plate which is double sided must be displayed on the windscreen inside of the vehicle. The larger plate must be displayed externally on the rear of the vehicle below the level of the bottom edge of the rear windscreen.

Mid Sussex District Council use the VIP system of vehicle plating and all component parts required to plate a vehicle can be purchased from the reception area in the main council building.

Vehicle plating is carried out once a week (normally on a Friday morning) at the Council offices.

For licence renewals all the necessary paperwork must be received 14 days before the expiry date of the licence to ensure reissue.

For changes of vehicles, provided the necessary documentation has been delivered to the Licensing Office no later than mid-day on Monday the vehicle will be plated on the Friday.
The Licensing Officer will plate vehicles on other days but only in an emergency e.g. replacement vehicle for one that has been involved in an accident. 

All vehicles presented for plating must have the appropriate VIP fittings securely attached in the correct position on the rear of the vehicle.

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