Taxi Licensing

The Licensing Team endeavours to ensure the safety and well being of residents & visitors when using Hackney Taxi's and Private Hire vehicles that have been licensed in the Mid Sussex area.

The vehicles and drivers are subject to very stringent tests and conditions, which are enforced the Team.

Spot checks are also undertaken throughout the District, often in conjunction with the Police & VOSA.

Hackney Carriages may pick up passengers from any of the authorised Taxi Ranks in the district, or can be hailed in the street. They may also pick up passengers who have made an advance booking. 

Private Hire Vehicles can only pick up passengers who have made an advance booking through a Licensed Private Hire Operator.

What to look for in Hackney Taxi or Private Hire vehicles.

  • At airports, night clubs, theatres and other busy events you may find drivers posing as taxi drivers.
  • Hackney Taxis you can hail in the street.
  • Private Hire vehicles MUST be pre booked.
  • Both must  be licensed by the local authority and have been subject to a criminal records check, medical and have the appropriate insurance.
  • The vehicle is also subjected to more rigorous MOT checks than normal cars.
  • Hackney Taxi and Private Hire vehicles will have a plate on the rear of the car. This will show the type of vehicle, the number of passengers allowed and the Licence number and expiry date. 
  • The driver should also be wearing a badge with a photo on it together with their badge number.

Apply to become a Hackney Taxi/Private Hire vehicle Driver


Should you have any complaints with regard to the conduct or behaviour of any Hackney Carriage Driver or Private Hire Driver licensed by Mid Sussex District Council or have any concerns about the condition of any Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle or Private Hire Operator you should contact the Licensing Team using the online taxi complaint form or by email at

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