Gambling Act 2005

The Role of The Licensing Authority

The Licensing Authority of the District Council has the responsibility for the administration of Gambling Legislation.

The Gambling Commission is the Authority responsible for the grant of ‘Operating' and ‘Personal' Licenses to commercial gambling operators.

As the ‘Licensing Authority' Mid Sussex District Council is responsible for the issue of ‘Premises Licenses' to Bingo Clubs, Adult Gaming Centre and Family Entertainment Centres and ‘Permits' for Gaming machines in Member Clubs, Liquor Licensed Premises and Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centres. 

The Licensing Authority also administers 'Temporary use Notices' and issue 'Provisional Statements'.


Mid Sussex District Council has published its revised Policy Statement for the Gambling Act 2005 entitled ‘Statement of Principles – Gambling Act 2005’

The Policy Statement takes effect from 31st January 2016.

The Policy Statement is also available to view at the public library in Haywards Heath.


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