Personal Licence

The holder of a Personal Licence is authorised to sell or supply alcohol, or to authorise the sale or supply of alcohol, from a premises licensed for the sale of alcohol.

These licences are ‘portable' between premises. 

The applicant should apply to the Local Authority for the area where they normally live. 

What do I need to apply?

Post to the Licensing Team together a cheque for £37 (payable to Mid Sussex District Council).

Renewing your personal licence?

If your Personal Licence has a renewal date then please note that from 01st April 2015 Section 69 Deregulation Act 2015 has removed the requirement to renew. Your licence, in effect, never expires.

If you would like a licence that doesn't show an expiry date, please follow the procedure under the heading of 'Change of details'.

Change of details

If you change your address, or name, you should inform the Local Authority that issued your Personal Licence.

Send a letter and both parts of your licence, stating the new details or reason for requesting a replacement to: The Licensing Team, Oaklands Road, together with a cheque for £10.50 (payable to Mid Sussex District Council).



Tel: (01444) 477419

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