Riding Establishments

Stables that hire out horses or ponies for riding or instruction must be licensed under the Riding Establishments Act 1964 (as amended 1970).

A riding establishment will be inspected regularly to ensure that the accommodation is suitable in size and design and well maintained.

Every horse/pony that is to be used for riding or instruction will undergo a veterinary inspection to ensure that they are in good health and physically fit for the purpose.

How do I apply?

Please print, complete the form below and post to the Licensing Team.  

Riding establishment application form

A licence has a number of conditions attached to ensure the welfare of the horses is maintained and also to help secure the safety of riders. In order to obtain a licence, Public Liability Insurance is required.

A Riding Establishment Licence is valid for 1 year from the day on which it comes into force.


Tel: (01444) 477419
Email: licensing@midsussex.gov.uk