Burgess Hill Vision

Burgess Hill is a well-connected, attractive place to live with high expectations for the future. In the next few years the area will see significant growth and investment to ensure it continues to be a modern, thriving town where residents can live, work and play. The current population of 30,600 is set to increase significantly over the next 15 years and we are working to ensure that this level of growth delivers positive benefits for residents and the area. 


This vision for Burgess Hill works alongside the Burgess Hill 

Neighbourhood Plan and includes: 

  • 5,000 new homes,
  • 2 new business parks and, potentially, the region’s first science and technology park
  • Over 10,000 new jobs (including construction jobs)
  • £65m private investment in the development of a new town centre
  • A new sustainable transport infrastructure to ensure new developments are properly integrated with the town 

The vast majority of the investment will be provided by the private sector (which  could be up to £1billion). Public sector and government intervention will also be pivotal in ensuring the elements all blend together to achieve a successful and prosperous town. With this in mind Mid Sussex District Council is keen to ensure that the component parts of the outline plan all work together, including the key areas of community, homes and jobs.


The £65m town centre improvements which were approved in March 2016 are focused on meeting the aspirations of residents for a modern town centre, with retail and leisure opportunities that will provide a much improved shopping experience as well as greater evening entertainment.

The new multiplex cinema, restaurants, new retail space, new library and 63 bedroom hotel in the town centre will help rejuvenate the area. With all the pieces of this complex development now coming together, it is expected that residents will see work begin on site next year (2017).


Around 3,500 of the 5,000 homes are scheduled to be delivered through the Northern Arc project (the first planning applications have now been received). This significant development will not just deliver high quality homes, it will also deliver a large number of community benefits including

  • new schools
  • a centre for community sport and leisure
  • play areas and green spaces.


A critical part of the overall vision for Burgess Hill is the delivery of increased numbers of high quality jobs that will reduce the need for residents to make long commutes in search of work. The vision includes two new business parks – one already has an outline planning permission (The Hub) and is working on getting the site ready for occupants, the other will be part of the Northern Arc.  

Together these developments, along with construction jobs, will deliver several thousand jobs. We also have an ambition to deliver a Science and Technology Park, complementing the proposed development at the ex-Novartis site in Horsham, which could bring in a further 4,000 jobs over a slightly longer timescale. 


Mark Healy - Regeneration & Economy Programme Manager
Phone: 01444 47 7593
Email: Mark.Healy@midsussex.gov.uk