Local Authority Building Control

New Home Warranty

In order to obtain a mortgage, most banks and building societies require new buildings to have a structural warranty in place as it covers any risks that are not included in standard buildings insurance such as design, materials or workmanship.

LABC's business partner, LABC Warranty provides a complete range of specialist services including self-build and structural warranties, SAP thermal calculations, Code for Sustainable Homes assessments, acoustic and air pressure testing and Home Information Packs.

Contact LABC NHW on 0845 054 0505 (Calls to this number attract a pence per minute charge. Please contact the company concerned to find out their charges)
Email enquiries@labcwarranty.co.uk.

For more information on how to apply for a quote, or download everything you need on-line at www.labcwarranty.co.uk

Local Authority Building Control

Latent Defects Scheme for Non-residential Buildings

LABC working together with LABC Warranty has launched a new latent defects insurance scheme for non-residential buildings.

This 10-year first party policy is designed for developers of commercial or mixed use developments when used in conjunction with their new homes scheme, and features 100% full risk transfer. This reduces the need for collateral warranties and is assignable to future owners of the property.

The scheme appeals to a large range of development types including offices, retail, hospitality, health, education and public buildings.

The warranty provides the cost of rectifying works, partial or complete re-building where a property has suffered major damage as a result of defects in design, workmanship, materials or components.

Cover also includes reasonable cost of repairing, replacing or rectifying any destruction or physical damage to the external car parking and roads within the property insured; this is only in respect of unsafe access and/or water logging. The scheme complements others in LABC Warranty including: new homes, social housing, completed housing and self-build and is operated by MD Insurance Services Limited. The insurance is underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited. Customers can get more information on the new scheme by telephoning 0845 054 0505 or going to www.labc.uk.com or www.labcwarranty.co.uk.