Adding or Changing a Property Name

We can only change the name of a property that lies within the Mid Sussex District Council administrative area.  If the property is not in Mid Sussex, then you need to apply to the local authority responsible for that property address, normally the authority that you will/do pay Council Tax to. 

If you would like to add a house name to your address or change a name that already exists we offer two methods:

  • Apply and pay online using our quick and convenient eForm facility.
  • If you would prefer to use paper, please use this form for adding or changing a property name. Please note: If you wish to apply using the paper form you will need to submit payment with your application either by cheque (made payable to Mid Sussex District Council) or by calling the Street Naming and Numbering Officer to make payment with a debit/credit card over the telephone.

Many people think that the Royal Mail creates postal addresses, and that property owners do not need to tell anyone if they add or change a name on a property.  In fact it is the job of your local authority to create and maintain all addresses within the district and to make sure that a whole range of interested parties are kept informed of all address changes including the emergency services, Royal Mail, core utility companies and other council departments.

When a name change or addition request is made we check with the Royal Mail to make sure that the name isn't already being used by anyone else in the area. Once the name has been approved we will write to you to confirm that you can start using it as part of your address. You must ensure that the name and house number is then clearly displayed and visible from the road. Please note that if your home already has a number, Royal Mail will only hold a name as an alias (alternative) and will only display the number on their web site.

Some frequently asked questions

Q: Does it cost me anything to add or change a property name?
A: Yes, there is a £30 fee for this service.

Q: If I give my house a name, does this mean I can drop the house number?
A: No. Once a property has been issued a number then it will always form part of the address. A name must be used in addition to the number NOT instead of it.  A house name on a numbered property should be considered as a cosmetic addition only.

Q: Can I choose any name I like?
A: Yes. The only time a name will be refused is if it is likely to cause offence or if someone else is already using the name in the local area.

Q: What happens if my choice of name is refused?
A: Simply think of another name and let us know.

Q: Why do I have to tell the council that I've named my property?
A: As the addressing authority for the district, if we aren't told about an address change then we cannot inform the people who need to know. This could cause problems in locating you, for example in the case of a fire, police or ambulance emergency call out.

Q: My new house name isn't appearing on websites?
A: If your property has been assigned a number, then the Royal Mail will only hold the house name as an alias.  Numbers will always take priority over names.  Not all companies that utilise Royal Mail data in their customer systems pay for the enhanced address data that includes aliases.

Contact Details

If you would like to contact the Street Naming and Numbering Officer you may do so using the following contact options:

Telephone: 01444 477175