Street Naming and Numbering

The correct addressing of a property is a very important issue. Service providers such as the emergency services, the Royal Mail and satellite navigation systems need an efficient means of locating and referring to properties.

Street naming and numbering is a statutory function of local authorities across the UK.  Mid Sussex District Council is the street naming and numbering authority for the district. We create and maintain all addresses in the district and provide address data to a variety of parties, including the emergency services, HM Land Registry, Royal Mail, utility companies and other Council departments.

The Council carries out it duties in accordance with the relevant legislation and its own Street Naming and Numbering Policy.  The Council's Street Naming and Numbering Officer provides the main point of contact for addressing issues such as naming streets, numbering new properties and changing an existing name or adding a name to your address. 


The Street Naming and Numbering Officer can be contacted by telephone or email:

Telephone: 01444 477175