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Following the consultation event on 7th December and online questionnaire our skate park designer Maverick revised the concept design to include more of the features that local users said they would like to see including two larger, 6ft ramps. The design features a mix of ramp and street elements designed to flow effortlessly together yet also function as 3 distinct 'zones'. Following further comments after the consultation, the designers have added some additional features which add more variety and technical challenge to the park.

We have chosen concrete and not timber ramps because they are more flexible and provide a greater number of flow lines for skaters to ride. Concrete skate parks also have much lower ongoing maintenance, which means the new park is less likely to be closed while repair work is carried out.

The new skate park will be more open and visible from the outside to reduce any perceived risk of anti-social behaviour.

Work will start on site on Monday 22nd January. They will begin by taking the old ramps down. The new skate park will take about 12 weeks to build.

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