Gypsies and Travellers - Advice for Residents

Reporting an unauthorised encampment

To report an unauthorised encampment you should phone 01444 477254 or e-mail .  There is also an out of hours number 0845 602 1035.  The Council can only take enforcement action when an unauthorised encampment is on Mid Sussex District Council owned land. If it is on private land, responsibility rests with the landowner.

How the Council deals with Unauthorised Encampments on Council Land

West Sussex County Council acts on behalf of all of the District and Borough Councils in West Sussex in dealing with unauthorised encampments on Council land.  The County Council will work with the Police to decide the best way forward.  For information about progress in dealing with unauthorised encampments, see the West Sussex County Council web site.

Post encampment clean up

Once the Travellers have left a Council site, the Council is responsible for cleaning up the site and this is usually carried out immediately after they move off.

Preventing unauthorised encampments on Council land

The Council has carried out a risk assessment of all of its land and outdoor facilities and has a security programme based on risk which it keeps under constant review. Measures to prevent illegal encampments on Council land include physical deterrents, such as height restrictors and bollards, and the regular inspection of sites.

Permanent Gypsy and Traveller sites in Mid Sussex

There are a number of permanent Gypsy and Traveller sites in Mid Sussex, but our assessment shows that we need more pitches. We are working to increase provision.