Gypsies and Travellers

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Any queries or complaints should be directed to or call 01444  477254.

Use the online form to report an unauthorised encampment.

Assessment of Traveller sites

The National Planning Policy, "Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (2012)" sets out that Local Authorities must make an assessment of the need for Traveller sites within their area, and develop planning policy to ensure that the need for such sites is met.

The District Council are currently preparing a "Traveller Sites Allocations Document" in order to allocate land within the District for Traveller sites. Further information can be found on the Traveller Sites Allocations Document page

This section of the website contains the following information

  1. Advice and Key Contacts for Gypsies and Travellers
    • availability of authorised pitches, Local Authority and private sites, housing options, consequences of unauthorised encampment on council land, traveller support groups, legal advice, reporting hate crime, health, education and local government services
  2. Advice for residents
    • reasons why gypsies and travellers might visit the area, reporting an unauthorised encampment and procedure for removal from Council land.
  3. Advice for landowners
    • what to do if gypsies camp on your land, general advice and contacts.