Unsuccessful Nominations


ReferenceDate EnteredNominator
            (Name of Group)
Name, address and postcode of propertyCurrent use of land/propertyProposed use of land/propertyReason for being unsuccessfulDate of Appeal
            (if applicable)
UN1 11/10/13       Bolney Community Café Society     Pavilion Batchelors Field   Sports Pavilion and changing rooms Café The primary use of building is a sports pavilion and changing rooms for community use  
UN2 24/6/15 Cuckfield Parish Council Horsgate House, Hanlye Lane,
            Cuckfield RH17 5HN
Currently empty Community Projects Been empty for years, the previous use was residential and the current planning
            permission use is residential
UN3  5/7/16 Ardingly Parish Council The Oak Inn, Street Lane, Ardingly, RH17 6UA  Vacant  Pub Property not found to have a non-ancillary use now or in the recent past that furthers the social wellbeing or interests of the local community