Compact (West Sussex)

The West Sussex Compact is an agreement between local government, local health services, other public bodies and the voluntary and community sector. It aims to improve our relationship for mutual advantage and for the ultimate benefit of people in West Sussex.

The West Sussex Compact is a dynamic document and it will develop key objectives, as detailed below, between the voluntary and community sector and the statutory agencies. 

  • Improved communication, common understanding, collaboration, trust and respect
  • A framework for effective consultation, representation and partnership working including agreeing definitions, shared values and joint and distinct undertakings
  • Principles for developing working relationships
  • Agreement to use the Compact as a reference document and for monitoring and evaluating the quality of relationships and partnership working at all levels
  • Support for continuous improvement of efficiency and effectiveness in dealings between the sectors
  • A widespread awareness of and commitment to the "Compact Way of Working".

View or download a full copy of the West Sussex Compact.