Abandoned Vehicles

Mid Sussex District Council place great emphasis on the prompt and efficient removal of abandoned vehicles. The Council recognises these as not only an eyesore, but also as a danger to road users and children. They are also potential objects of vandalism.

Local authorities have had powers to remove these vehicles from our streets for many years; new regulations recently introduced have made the removal of vehicles easier. We are now in partnership with Sussex Police and remove vehicles using police powers under 'Operation Crackdown.'

To report an abandoned vehicle please visit the 'Operation Crackdown' website

An abandoned vehicle is:

  • A vehicle that is in dangerous condition or is a danger to others.
  • A vehicle has no current vehicle license.
  • A vehicle that is not in use and has not moved for some time.
  • A vehicle that has no apparent value.

Email: abandonedvehicles@midsussex.gov.uk