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Halloween, the night of October 31st – trick or treating information and advice

Whether you are dressing up as wizard, wicked witch or ghost this Halloween make sure you remember to keep your 'trick or treating' a treat for everyone.

Some people, especially the more vulnerable members of our communities – the elderly, may find loud noises and knocks on their door quite scary, especially if they live alone. Others can find Halloween and its traditions, like ‘trick or treating’, annoying. For these reasons it is important to remember that not everyone will want to take part in your Halloween events or 'trick or treating', so please respect their point of view.

Useful downloads from Sussex Police including posters which you can print and put on your window, or on your door, to help try and stop unwanted callers:


Calling all parents! Do you know what your kids are up to this Halloween? Please make sure they are properly supervised and remind them to respect others.

If you have any questions or queries about anti-social behaviour e-mail:


For further information see also:

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