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West Sussex Partnership Families Strategic Plan 2020

Start Date

Monday, January 1, 0001

End Date

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Consultation purpose

This West Sussex Partnership Families Strategic Plan 2020 is our statement of shared ambitions for how we believe we can make a positive and significant difference to the life chances and experiences of children, young people and families in West Sussex.

We strongly believe that everyone in West Sussex has a part to play, which is why the aspiration that all children, young people and families will thrive and prosper is at the heart of our Plan.

We want to ensure that this Plan makes sense for children, young people and families. So we are committed to making sure that what we deliver makes sense to local communities. That means we will work together – services, schools and local communities – to identify resources and to shape how these activities are delivered.

We are facing some difficult choices in how we use our resources. We cannot make those decisions without making sure that the services we deliver meets local needs and supports our families to make positive changes themselves that will ultimately make them stronger and more resilient.

The Plan will be in draft until November 2015 until we have analysed the feedback from the consultation and have presented it for approval to the West Sussex Start of Life Partnership Board and partner governance boards.

Have we got it right?

We have pulled out the Delivery Plan from the main document to consult against. Our challenge to everyone is to look at the Delivery Plan and consider if the Delivery Plan is clear and if they agree with the shared vision for the future and how we intend to address the priorities?

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