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Sex Establishment Policy

Start Date

Monday, July 18, 2016

End Date

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Consultation purpose

Review of Statement of Policy for Sex Establishment Venues

Who is to be involved?

The public consultation is open to all who are interested. A number of groups will be directly

informed and asked for their view. These are:

 Elected Ward Councillors

  • Town and Parish Councils in the District
  • Sussex Police
  • The Members of Parliament for the District
  • Social Services Child Protection Office
  • Fawcett Society
  • Licensed Victuallers Association
  • British Beer and Pub Association
  • Pubwatch Groups – Burgess Hill, East Grinstead and Hayward Heath

 Elected District Councillors will be involved throughout the process through:

  • The Scrutiny Committee for Leisure and Community – (any District Councillor not sitting on the committee can attend)
  • Cabinet (consist of the Leader of the Council and Councillors with specific responsibility for Council services)
  • Full Council (consists of all District Councillors)
  • Councillors can respond during the public consultation period.

More information and details of all the above groups are available on the Council’s website at www.midsussex.gov.uk/sci (subject to Data Protection Legislation).

Why people are being involved?

The ‘Statement of Policy’ sets out how the Council will administer it’s responsibilities for applications and determinations for a Sex Establishment Licence. A final version will be written taking into account the results of the consultation exercise.

This policy was first introduced during 2010.

It has now been reviewed by Council Officers.

There have been no legislative changes to affect the policy.

It is being presented for consultation, unchanged from the original in 2010.

When people will be involved?

  • Public consultation on revised Statement of Licensing Policyscheduled July/August/September 2016 (for at least eight-weeks). There will be a public consultation for eight weeks in July /August/September .

  • Amendments after the public consultation - September 2016. A final draft, taking into account amendments from the consultation, will be presented to the Cabinet Member for Environmental Health.

  • Final Statement agreed for adoptionscheduled November 2016. It is anticipated that the revised Statement of Policy will be signed off by the Cabinet Member for Environmental Health dependent on the level and depth of comments from the consultation. If required It will be presented to Full Council for final approval.


Further details of the timetable are available at www.midsussex.gov.uk/sci

How people will be involved?

The consultation will be open to all and we will seek to inform and receive comment from the widest possible range of the community. We will:

  • Provide details and documentation on the Council’s website.
  • Provide hard copies of the document in the following places[1]:
  • Libraries;
  • Help points;
  • District Council Office
  • Letters or emails will be sent to all organisations listed in section 1 above[2].

[1] Details of libraries and help-points available at www.midsussex.gov.uk/sci

[2] An Equalities Impact Assessment of the document is currently being carried out, and should this process identify any further targeted consultation which would be necessary, this would be incorporated into the Community Involvement Plan.

What happens to the results?

All comments will be treated equally, although it will be up to the elected Councillors to consider how to balance any conflicting opinions when drafting the final document.

Consultation report/s summarising the issues raised by responses received will be produced and published on the Council website. A notification that this report is available will be sent to all respondents who provide an email address and to all organisations listed in section 1 above. Hard copies of the summary will be placed in libraries, help points and District Council Office.



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