Community Service Awards

The Community Service Awards are an annual event hosted by the Chairman of Mid Sussex District Council, celebrating the exceptional work of community spirited individuals within our communities who give their time for the benefit of others.

The Award recognises volunteers whose work helps to support valuable organisations and groups across the District, improving the quality of community life. Nominees are selected by Councillors from Mid Sussex District Council and local Town and Parish Councillors, and recipients are invited to an Afternoon Tea to celebrate the energy, time and skills they have selflessly given.

Community Service Awards 2017

Do you know of a community champion who deserves an award?

The next event will be held on 17 September 2017 and the nomination deadline is Friday 30 June 2017. If you would like to put forward a suitable candidate, please contact your local Councillor with suggestions. All nominations must be received through District/Parish and Town Councillors. (Each Parish/Town Council is allowed to submit one final nomination, and one nomination may also be made by each MSDC Councillor.) All nominations are subject to a selection process before the award may be given.

In order to qualify a nominated person should meet each of the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Mid Sussex for a minimum of two years, or having worked or volunteered in Mid Sussex;
  • Not be a serving County, District or Parish Councillor;
  • Not be a relative, partner or spouse of a serving District Councillor;
  • Not be or have been an employee of Mid Sussex District Council unless nominated for a role clearly unrelated to their council employment;
  • Not have received an award for their community service previously.

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Community Service Awards 2016

image showing a scene from the chairman's garden party

The Council welcomed 54 community champions and their friends and family to The Ravenswood, Sharpthorne to issue them with Community Service Awards on Sunday 25 September.

Awards were presented by Councillor Peter Reed, Chairman of Mid Sussex District Council and Mark Spofforth OBE, the High Sherriff of West Sussex, the awards acknowledge the dedication to helping their community that has been shown by the winners.

A full list of nominees can be viewed in the event programme.