RSS Feeds

Many pages on the Mid Sussex District Council website allow you to "subscribe" to alerts from the council. These links often allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds. These feeds are listed below.

RSS Feeds

How to use

Most browsers allow you to subscribe to these feeds and get the latest alerts just by clicking on one of the links. In some cases, you may have to click on one of the links and then choose a program to subscribe to the feed with, such as with Mozilla Firefox:

screenshot showing how to subscribe to an RSS feed using Mozilla Firefox

Rarely, some browsers (such as Google Chrome) can't see RSS feeds, so you won't be given the option to subscribe to see the latest alerts through it.


If you can't subscribe to one of our alerts through your browser then there are ways of doing it through other programs, such as your mail clients:

Much more information and in-depth guidance can be found online if you search for "RSS Feeds".