This section provides details of the collection of Council Tax & Business Rates, payments of Housing & Council Tax Benefits and the production of the Council's Budget & Annual Accounts.

The pages are split into three sections as follows

Census Revenues and Benefits Finance Finance Reports

the Revenues and Benefits section provides an overview of Council Tax, Business Rates and Benefits together with contact details for further queries or forms.

the Finance section provides detail on the yearly Council Taxes payable and where your Council Tax goes, an overview of the Council's Budget and a summary of the Council's latest audited Accounts.

The report section lists all of the Council's financial reports and forms.

Council Tax

Council Tax

Finance Reports 

Business Rates

The Budget



The Accounts


All these services are provided by the Council's Revenues & Benefits Division and the Financial Services Division, click here for a list of opening hours and contacts.

For details of our Financial Procedures Rules see the Council Constitution. See Part 4 and refer to page 124

Accountancy Services
Tel: 01444 477384