Equality Impact Assessment

Important in the development of our equalities work is the carrying out of equality impact assessments for all of the Council's services and policies.  The assessments identify the barriers to service delivery against the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010, namely age; disability; race; religion or belief; sex; pregnancy and maternity; sexual orientation; gender re-assignment; and marriage and civil partnership.  They pinpoint current action to address these barriers and the further action required.  As well as the protected characteristics, the Council's assessments also look at issues of income or skill level and residential location (rural/urban).

Impact assessments are an improvement tool with a number of benefits.  They:

  • Ensure our policies and services are meeting our public sector equality duty 
  • Provide us with evidence to show that our policies and services are not having any adverse impact on our residents and are not discriminating in any way
  • Make sure that the services we provide do not overlook or exclude any groups
  • Set out ways to collect information to give us feedback on services and monitor their impact.

The drive to achieve excellent customer service is one of the Council's priorities.  Ensuring equality of access to council services and information is fundamental to this.  The impact assessments referred to above are being conducted as customer focus assessments, looking at how our services impact on all of our customers and residents and making changes accordingly. 

We completed a programme of impact assessments designed to cover all of the Council's services over a three year period 2008-2011,  followed by a further rolling programme to 2014/15. Equality Impact Assessments are completed where there are major changes to services and for the development of relevant new policies. The programme of reviews is included in the Annual Report.

Completed Impact Assessments

Completed Impact Assessments that are available to view:

Further Information

If you would like more information about our impact assessments, please contact

Neal Barton
Policy and Performance Manager
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Email: Neal.Barton@midsussex.gov.uk