Equality Data

Under the Equality Act 2010, the Council is required to publish equality data, relating to the services we provide and our workforce. The data is intended to help to assess how effectively the Council is eliminating discrimination, advancing equality and fostering good relations. This information is provided through a Mid Sussex Equalities Profile and statistics about the Council's staff.

Mid Sussex Equalities Profile

It is important that we have an accurate profile of the District to be able to make informed decisions about our services and to assess progress in meeting our equalities duties. We have prepared a Mid Sussex Equalities Profile 2014 setting out information about sectors of our community which under the Equality Act 2010 have "protected characteristics", which could in some circumstances result in these groups not enjoying the same opportunities as others to use our services or participate in their local communities. It also includes an assessment of the implications of this information for the Council's services. The document pulls together data from a number of sources, including the 2011 Census and updates the 2012 Mid Sussex Equalities Profile.

If you would like more information, we also have a Key Statistics and Data about the District page of the Council's website. This includes deprivation indices, ward profiles, health profiles, information from the Office for National Statistics and crime data.

We will keep this information updated as it becomes available from other data sources.

Service Information

Details of the service improvements that we have delivered to meet the needs of the protected groups in Mid Sussex are included in the Equality and Diversity Scheme 2016-20 and Progress Report 2015. We have undertaken a programme of impact assessments covering all of the Council's services. The impact assessments set out the measures that services take to meet the needs of the protected groups and the further action required. Details of our on-going programme of impact assessments are included in the Progress Report.

Mid Sussex District Council Workforce Statistics

We regularly monitor the composition of our workforce to ensure that it is balanced and recognises the make-up of the community that we serve. This is provided through an employment profile available in the Jobs and Careers section of the website. The requirement to publish equality data also applies to workforce information. We have produced a Mid Sussex District Council Workforce Monitoring Statistics Report 2015/16 providing information about the gender, age, disability, and ethnicity of the Council's workforce, all split by pay band. This also includes information about sexual orientation, religion and belief, the overall gender pay gap, employee relations activity, recruitment and training.

Reports from previous years are provided below:


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