Healthy Walks

Walking can seriously improve your health and it is a perfect way to see and enjoy the environment around you. And walking is a realistic challenge for those of us who feel that other forms of exercise are too daunting.

See our Rangers - Healthy Walks page for a current programme of walks. 

Here are just some of the reasons why walking is good for you. Walking can help prevent and manage heart disease. Regular exercise can halve the risk of coronary heart disease, particularly for men who walk briskly.

Regular walking can both help to reduce weight and maintain weight loss. Walking just one mile can burn up at least 100kcal and walking two miles a day three times a week can help reduce weight by one pound every three weeks. Uphill walking can have an even greater effect and can reduce weight by 14 pounds in only 3-4 months.

Early death can be halved in retired men who walk more than two miles every day. And it is recognised that regular walking can help to strengthen the bones and therefore reduce the risk of osteoporosis and associated fractures.

Lifelong exercise has been shown to lesson the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. And walking at a normal or brisk pace for one hour per day has been found to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Exercise can also help to reduce anxiety and depression. Regular walking has been associated with increased confidence, stamina and energy levels.

Regular walking can promote neighbourliness and social interaction, thus reducing the feelings of loneliness and increasing the feeling of independence.

And of course walking will help reduce traffic congestion and pollution.