Dog Fouling

The Park Rangers are responsible for the education and enforcement of the Public Spaces Protection Orders under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 on land that belongs to MSDC, including parks, recreation grounds, nature reserves and open spaces.   These Orders include; dog fouling, dog exclusion, dogs on lead by direction, and dogs specified maximum amount (6).

The Street Services Officer is responsible for public highways and rights of way.  Mid Sussex District Council are not responsible for clearing up dog faeces on any land, this is the responsibility of the dog owner.

The Dangers of Dog Fouling

Apart from getting dog faeces on our shoes and making an area look unsightly, dog faeces carry harmful infections, the most widely known being toxocariasis. Eye disorders are the most commonly reported complaint, although other symptoms include vague aches, dizziness, nausea, asthma and epileptic fits. Toxocariasis is more dangerous to children, and unfortunately children are more likely to catch it because they often fall over when playing and can rub dirty hands in eyes or mouths.


Mid Sussex District Council takes the dangers of dog fouling very seriously and the Park Rangers help to promote responsible dog ownership. They do this by putting up posters and signage on sites to inform the public about dog control legislation, giving out promotional dog poo bags, speaking to dog owners on site and enforcing dog control legislation. The Park Rangers also visit schools to talk about responsible dog ownership.


Mid Sussex District Council has created Dog Control Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO's) under the Anti Social Crime and Policing Act 2014. For more information on the Orders and the penalties for non-compliance, please visit the Dog Control PSPO's webpage.

Other dog complaints

Please contact the Environmental Health Team if you have a complaint relating to noisy dogs: 01444 477292

If it is regarding dog fouling on highway land please contact the Street Services Officer

For information on stray and lost dogs see our Dogs web pages.

Please contact the Police if you have a dangerous dog complaint. The police non-emergency number is 101.

Please contact the Refuse and Recycling team if you have a complaint or query about dog bins: 01444 477440.



Dog Control Officer
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Park Rangers
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