Safety Advisory Groups

The Mid Sussex Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meets to discuss the most significant events which take place in the District. With sufficient notice, the SAG can provide specialist advice to organisers during the planning stages of their events, in the interest of public safety. 

The primary aims of the SAG are to provide guidance to organisers and inform them of their legal responsibilities towards those in attendance at their events.

The Safety Advisory Group is made up of specialist officers from the local authorities, emergency services and NHS trust.

When notified about an event, members of the SAG will undertake an initial assessment of the proposed event, based on the following risk factors:

  • the number of people expected to attend (and whether the site can accommodate them)
  • the planned activities
  • the time and date (and whether this conflicts with other significant events)
  • the impact on the community (both positive and negative)
  • the experience and track record of the organiser 
  • the event safety plan (if one has been produced)

When sufficient notification has been received, the organisers of the more significant events will be invited to attend a meeting of the Safety Advisory Group. This first meeting should take place no later than two months prior to the date of the event.

The organiser will be asked to share their event safety plan and risk assessment documents, which should include details of:

  • the location and site design 
  • the crowd and traffic management plans
  • the safeguarding and welfare arrangements
  • the emergency and contingency plans
  • any relevant licence or permission

The SAG will discuss the event plan and provide guidance to the organisers if it is deemed necessary.

The SAG will usually meet at the Mid Sussex District Council Offices in Haywards Heath.

Please complete this on-line form to notify the SAG of your event or telephone 01444 477379 for further information.