Mutual Exchange (Social Housing Homeswap)

Mutual Exchange

A Mutual Exchange is where two (or more) social housing tenants decide they want to swap homes.  Most council and housing association tenants have a right to exchange with another social tenant anywhere in the country.

A Mutual Exchange may be your best option if you want to move to another home. Even if you are on a council waiting list or housing register it is still worth considering a Mutual Exchange as it can be quicker than waiting for a transfer.

Both tenants wanting to mutually exchange must have the written permission of their landlord before agreeing to move.  You should not move before both landlords have agreed to it.

Clarion Housing tenants get free membership with Homeswapper - one of a number of national mutual exchange sites for council and housing association tenants wishing to swap homes with their landlords' permission.

Guidance on mutual exchange in Mid Sussex

A selection of national websites advertising mutual exchange

Please note that there is often a charge unless your landlord is a paid-up member of the website. None of these sites come with any particular recommendation from the Council.

Tip: before you register with a site, check to see whether they have properties available in the area you wish to move to.