Online Housing Application Form

Change of circumstances

Please do not use this form if you want to advise us of a change in your circumstances. Instead please email the Homemove Team at and ask for a change of circumstances form to be sent to you.

Older People

For help for older people who want to register online please contact: Family Mosaic Outreach on 0207 089 3298 (see leaflet)

Online Form

How to apply online

Click on the boxes below if you can answer YES to the questions below, and you will then be able to complete our online application form by clicking on a button that will appear. The Council's Housing Allocation Scheme sets out the rules on who may join our housing register and how applicants are prioritised for homes.

If you can't answer YES to all the questions below, then you are unlikely to be allowed to join our housing register and you may be wasting your time completing the application form. Your circumstances will be checked fully if you apply, and if you fill in our form and it is later found that you do not qualify to join our register, you will be removed.

If you have already filled in our online form, please do not complete another form. If you think your form has not been received, please instead contact the Homemove Team on 0300 100 0303 or