Our Housing Options Leaflets

We have published a series of booklets to guide you through your housing options.

Other housing booklets have been published by the Government.

Click on the links below to look at a booklet:- 

  1. What are your housing options?
  2. Where to get Housing Advice in Mid Sussex (under revision) 
  3. How to apply for social housing in Mid Sussex
  4. Finding somewhere to rent privately
  5. A guide to the Council's Rent in Advance and Deposit Guarantee scheme
  6. What help will you get from the Council if you're homeless?
  7. Direct access hostels for single people or couples
  8. Low cost home ownership in Mid Sussex (discontinued)
  9. Housing Options for older people (under revision)
  10. Housing Options for people with learning disabilities (under revision)
  11. Housing Options for people with mental health needs (under revision)
  12. Housing Options for young people (discontinued)

Hard copies of our leaflets are available from our offices in Haywards Heath or can be ordered free by emailing HousingAdvice@midsussex.gov.uk