Information About Empty Homes

Why are Homes Left Empty?

Many empty homes have a genuine reason for being empty; they may be on the market or being renovated. These properties will generally come back into use without any need for intervention. Some empty properties are empty because the owner does not know what to do with them or because the owner does not have the time, knowledge or money to make them fit for occupation. We want to support these owners to bring homes back into use, where they are struggling to do this on their own. A few property owners, for whatever reason, are content to leave their properties empty even though this is a waste of a resource. We want to encourage owners to bring their properties back into use and will try and engage with them to achieve this. We do have some legal powers we can use when all efforts to resolve the issue have failed.

I am interested in buying an empty property

The council cannot release a list of empty properties due to data protection. However if you are aware of a specific empty property we can often forward a letter on to the owner on your behalf. You can find current owners details by contacting the Land Registry or by calling them on 0203 9276 8888. They can carry out a land registry search on the property, which may reveal the name of the legal owner, although some properties are not registered and there is a chance that they may be out of date. There is a £3.00 charge for the service. It is worth approaching estate agents and auctioneers who may have empty properties on their books, or you may be able to register your interest with them for properties that will be sold in the future.

I would like to report an empty property

If you are aware of an empty property in the district, particularly one that it causing problems, please let us know by emailing

Contact Information

For more information contact:

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